Radio/Online Plugging

Gaining a foothold in the ‘local music scene’ shouldn’t be difficult or intimidating for artists/bands just starting out, but it often is. Having been involved in music journalism for a little over a decade and with experience in PR, Event Management and more, we have our fair share of friendly email contacts when it comes to all that is good and exciting in terms of the Northern Irish music scene. We stand over the coverage we have gained for the artists we’ve worked with in the past; a task made easy by the quality and attitude of artists we’ve worked with so far. Our radio and online plugging service involves working tirelessly to gain local acts the exposure and coverage they deserve, whether that be on music blogs, review sites, online radio stations or all of the above. Find out about what we’ve done for local acts previously here.

Press Releases

“Combining a sound that is at once immediate and thoughtful; aggressive yet wistful, this blistering electronica channels the upper echelons of Kraftwerk’s early catalogue” – some press release for a local synthpop sadlad, probably.

No-one likes bigging themselves up – least of all with big words – but if you’re not gonna do it then you run the risk of Jonny Sadlad here stealing your thunder. What’s more, 75% of the use of press releases is that they are a neat package of information and handy reference points to someone who hasn’t/can’t initially be bothered to listen to your music (the other 25% is that music journalists can plagiarise them for their write-ups) and being able to do good english here guarantees your message is digested. It’s also more professional than a cold email – and that can only be a good thing.


Whether it’s content for that shiny new website that you’ve got coming, or Q&A content for your social channels, it comes down to that annoying reality of everyday life of Having To Appear Professional. No-one’s good at writing about themselves anyway, but a worst-case scenario is that you completely turn off visitors to your site/page with a schpiel about how you ‘combine the likes of the Rolling Stones with latter day influences such as Dizzee Rascal’. You don’t. And don’t.

If any of these services sound like your brand of tequila, then get in touch here.