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Pop music is something of a dirty phrase these days, but Dublin’s Ryan Kelly wears his influences on his sleeves regardless. The promising young songwriter already set out his stall earlier this year with the piano-driven ‘City Views’ (gaining more than 15k views), a track which takes Kelly’s recognisable influences and adds the refreshingly simplistic sensibilities of youth.

If ‘City Views’ was Kelly’s mission statement, then new single ‘G.O.N.E.’ is the track; an easy listening ballad, a catchy chorus, those little drum fills like something from the Glastonbury Pyramid stage. And yet, despite Kelly’s decidedly uncool influences (Noah And The Whale, Kodaline, Athlete), Ryan Kelly is a project that never grates but endears thanks to its simplicity – choruses = check, pianos = check, and the rest takes care of itself. There is perhaps a certain irony in the fact that despite Kelly’s mainstream idols, his music itself is likely to provoke something of a Marmite response, but the 20-year old knows his audience – and there’s something to be said for that.

Ryan approached Lemon PR in order to promote his single, ‘G.O.N.E.’. After working with Lemon PR for one month:

  • ‘G.O.N.E.’ was premiered on The Thin Air
  • ‘G.O.N.E.’ was played on The Irish Jam podcast
  • ‘G.O.N.E.’ was played on John Loftus’ Loftysounds show
  • Hot Press featured ‘G.O.N.E.’
  • ‘G.O.N.E.’ was featured on The Last Mixed Tape blog 
  • ‘G.O.N.E.’ featured on Remy

Listen to ‘G.O.N.E.’  below.

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