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There is a certain irony in singer-songwriter Aislinn Logan’s latest A-side, the shimmering ‘So Loud’. Set against a backdrop of flickering electronica and based around Aislinn’s tender guitar work, thematically the track deals with an abundance of noise: “So Loud discusses the sensory overload a new experience can bring, and feeling a bit overwhelmed by it….it deals with finding freedom after a long hunt, and realising what a paradox that can be”. 

And yet, despite such a measured release from the London-based, Belfast-born artist, the noise building up around Logan is remarkable. Named by the Irish Times as a New Artist of the Week, and described by The Thin Air as “a real contender”, the online soundbites are stacking up – but it’s the momentum Logan has built up after such a short space of time that marks her out as one to watch. The ‘So Loud/Dance With Demons’ double-sided single is surely just the start of the journey.

Aislinn worked with Lemon PR in order to raise publicity for her gig in Town Square Belfast on July 28th and to boost her profile in general. After less than a month of working together, Aislinn and Lemon PR were able to wistfully recall:

  • So Loud was named on Remy as one of its top Irish independent releases
  • So Loud was playlisted on
  • Aislinn contributed to John Loftus of’s ‘Music They Like’ feature
  • So Loud was named as the #NIMusic ‘Tune for the weekend’ by
  • So Loud was covered by Hot Press
  • So Loud was named as‘s ‘Song of the Day’
  • So Loud was playlisted by The Irish Jam
  • So Loud was covered by The Last Mixed Tape blog
  • Live Review of Aislinn’s gig from The Thin Air
  • Double page interview in issue #003 of Treason (to be published at time of writing)

After extreme coercion, Aislinn then offered the following insights on her time with Lemon PR:

“Andrew offered services to me on a short-term, finite basis, with a single goal in mind. Although many people may worry that this sort of arrangement may make press help less invested in the music in the long term, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Andrew’s insight and efforts were applied with a long-term attitude to the project and he showed genuine care about how far the project could go in the future alongside having a very good grasp of the long term benefits of making one or two considered moves in the short term. After working with Andrew and agreeing a very reasonable rate of payment, I decided he deserved more than our original agreed fee and I wouldn’t be surprised if others do the same.

I never felt like I had to convince Andrew of my product or ambition, he was on the same page as me from the get-go. It wasn’t about the things he said, it was about the action he took. Andrew ensured that every day for the space of around 3-4 weeks something within my socials or audience activity – whether it be radio play, reviews, interviews or podcast requests –  was coming into my inbox.

It’s not an exaggeration to say Andrew went entirely above and beyond what I expected of him within the period we worked together; he spent far more time spreading the word about my project than I ever expected him to in the time provided, and he did so with an excellent attitude. He’s super responsive to emails all week and during the weekend, and is also a great person to have a pint with and chat music for an hour or two.

The best part about working with Andrew was the fact that he made it clear he was thinking about the next steps, i.e., the knock on impact of work we did together, for further down the line, and he made me feel that, when it was over, he would be very keen to be a soundboard of ideas and see where else the project could go in future. This was not because of any ulterior motive, but because Andrew cared. He highly values the artists he chooses to work with and this pays off in dividends through his combined work ethic and consistent attention to detail. If you’re looking for someone who is thinking about the next step before the current one’s even underway, Andrew’s your guy.”

Since working with Lemon PR, Aislinn has gone on to play Dublin’s Hard Working Class Heroes festival, been named in TLMT’s 20 Most Promising Emerging Acts in 2018, and supported Ailbhe Reddy on tour.


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