Lemon PR is a music PR agency based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. It was founded by Andrew Lemon in 2017.

*Lemon PR is now part of Lazy Bones PR, which you can find here. This site will continue to exist as a placeholder, but all activity will be under the Lazy Bones banner. Thanks!*

Our aim is to provide up and coming acts a platform to showcase their music and to promote the best new musical talent throughout Ireland. We maintain a compact roster of artists and focus on securing them the coverage they deserve. Our areas of expertise include single/album releases, media coverage, press releases, gig promotion and more. You can read more about what we’ve done with our lovely artists here.

Having been involved in music journalism, events management and been exposed to PR emails for the best part of a decade, Andrew decided he’d seen enough half-arsed press releases on mediocre bands and that, actually, he could do a much better job and had much better taste Thank You Very Much.

Our aim is to become a one-stop shop for new and exciting local music. We believe that if it’s good, and it’s new, it’s here. Examples of things that are good, and new, and here, are here.

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